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The mission is to prepare and equip ESL refugee job learners to work and live within their communities through understanding English language and culture.

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To prepare and equip immigrants and refugees with professional English to enable them work and live within communities through understanding the English language and culture.


Prosperity-International partners with government and other organizations to assist immigrants with language and cultural awareness trainings. We have a passion for empowering people to live and work at their highest level through immersive language and culture programs. Our areas of expertise are language translation, English Second Language (ESL),tutoring through online and in person classes, as well as cultural immersion programs.

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Better Life

A life in the USA means having a wealth of options...

Learn English Language

If you've decided that it's time for you to learn English in the USA...

Culture Training

cultural awareness training session is designed to help refugees...

Green Card Application

When you arrive in the United States, you must process your...

Assistance with GOV Programs

A government program aimed at raising standards of...

Other Services

We provide services other than the ...

Our Popular Courses

Translation/ Interpretation

The easy and fast way to professionally translate documents, manuals and more, according to your schedule and requirements, in three languages of Dari, Pashto, and Persian with our Professional team and best English teachers...

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English Basics

A simplified form of English proposed for use as an language for international communication...

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Spoken English

Learn English to improve your Spoken English language. it is English that is spoken by people to converse and communicate. It comprises the usage of words, phrases and sentences verbally in order to communicate or express ideas to people around us...

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What is your teaching methodology?

Our teaching methodology is how our teachers can guide you on your English language journey. Our Approach aims to put you, our students, at the centre of the learning process - The Communicative Approach with a twist!

How would be the maximum support?

A team of at least two teachers will support you throughout your time learning English with Prosperity-International. Through ongoing assessment designed to provide the feedback that drives your progress, your teachers will focus on your learning experience, monitoring your needs and offering the resources you need to make progress.

Measuring Satisfaction

We are one of the only English institution using the highly regarded Net Promoter Score (NPS) system to gather feedback constantly and act swiftly to correct anything reported as being less than perfect.

What is the Prosperity-International promise?

Here at Prosperity-International, our aim is simple. We're here to help you set achievable goals and give you the support you need to reach them. We provide the knowledge of language learning, the learning environment and the social programme you need to make the most of your stay. Our unique PE Promise means that, if you follow your personalised learning programme, we promise that your English will improve

How Will I know if the course I choose is right for my level?

The Standard, Semi-Intensive and Intensive courses are suitable for all levels, while the courses below require students to be of other minimum levels. All students take a level test on the first day of class or before arrival through our Prosperity-International, after which they are placed in the class most appropriate to their level.

At the end of the course, Will I be given a certificate?

Yes, at the end of each course you will be given a certificate of participation, which states the dates you attended your course, the name of your course, and the language level achieved. It is recognised by the accreditations here. Kindly note that you need to attend a minimum of 80% of your course to be eligible to for your certificate.

As a former. Do I have to take the language level test again?

It depends on how long it has been since you completed your course. If less than 3, months you should not have to re-test. If over 3 months you should re-test.

Are there courses held at the weekends?

All our courses are held Monday to saturday. Prosperity-International will be closed on public holidays.

Do you only offer English classes

Prosperity-International mainly focus on English classes. However, We also offer some culture awareness training and other document process.

Do you offer courses online?

Yes! Prosperity-International Virtual brings English language learning to the comfort of your home using the innovative Prosperity-International curriculum, and at a very competitive price. for more information you can contact us via our contact page by leaving a message.

Students' Testimonals

Hussain Amiri

I really appreciated all my English classes Prosperity-International. I moved from Kabul and suddenly I found myself working in an English environment that I was not going to understand 100%

Emma Ecolitta

I'd like to share with you my experience using English with Prosperity-International program. This method for me is the best way for me to improve my English, not only the best way but the fastest way.

Muhammad Ali

We thank our lucky stars that we met Prosperity-International! it is a very nice and professional English institution and its materials and method are fantastic.

Fatima Najaf

Im from Egypt My tutor has been great, fully understanding my fear, my skill and my behavior, Classes one to one have given me more confidence in my English. Every time, I read a new article in Prosperity-International

Amanuwel Halim

I've been impressed with my teacher's capabilities and his student- oriented approach. I have learned a lot not only from class conversation but also from her corrections during the classes.