About Us

Prosperity-International is a private English tutoring and translation services company in Modesto, California of USA. Founded in 2022 as Prosperity-International.
Prosperity International has Modesto City Business License Tutoring and Translation Services and Professional Training Certified company with the mission of helping refugees with language and Vocational training, communicate effectively in multicultural setting. providing communication that are vocational appropriate and convey the message in English Language.
Prosperity-International partners with government and other organizations to assist immigrants with language and cultural awareness trainings. We have a passion for empowering people to live and work at their highest level through immersive language and culture programs. Our areas of expertise are language translation, English as a Second Language (ESL) through tutoring online and in person classes, as well as cultural immersion programs.







Company Products and Services

Prosperity International provides proven, translation and interpreting services to clients and customer. Our Medical Translation Department translates documents such as clinical trial data, medical devices documentation, and pharmaceutical patents. It also provides Linguistic Validation services for PRO questionnaires and clinical instruments. Prosperity International also provides the English tutoring and immigration services. Prosperity International considers effective communication between its personnel and the client an essential element of any successful contract and places a premium on responsiveness to you as the client.

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Sayed Sharaf Amiri


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Zamir Shams

English Tutor

Sharaf Amiri

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English/Pashto Tutor

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